Stop Your Shoes From Walking All Over You With These Shoe Stand Design

Stop Your Shoes From Walking All Over You With These Shoe Stand Design

Where there is a design problem, SleepinBox comes up with a solution. Venturing into the world of home solutions, we have created an array of ergonomic products that make living easy and stylish at the same time. Our shoe stand design is the perfect way to organise your footwear collection while displaying the ones you think are too beautiful to be hiding behind drawers.

Our shoe racks offer a range of choices. From classic designs to modern chic ones, we have a shoe cabinet for every household. There are various options, including an open shoe cabinet with door options. These shoe racks design are easy to maintain and can be assembled effortlessly. Dismantling the shoe racks is as simple too, and therefore you have nothing to worry about if you are shifting houses.

Shoe Rack Ideas That Rock

Wooden Shoe Cabinet With Storage: Bianca Shoe Rack 

Want to buy new shoes but worried about space? Fret no more! With our Bianca shoe rack, shoe storage is not an issue anymore as it has a shoe rack design for small spaces! 

With two closed compartments and two open racks, this simple wooden shoe rack allows you to store all your footwear, from your delicate stilettos to humble sandals and your sturdy boots; you can store anything you want. Though the Columbian Walnut colour makes the rack look good on its own, you can decorate it further by placing attractive items on top. Our suggestion for this chappal stand design would be a vase full of your favourite flowers.

Modern Shoe Rack Designs For Home: Astrid Shoe Rack 

No one says no to new shoes, but what do you do when space is an issue? You stop worrying and get yourself SleepinBox Astrid shoe rack. This Modern shoe rack design for home is easy to organise and maintain shoe unit that also looks extremely elegant, therefore upping your living room style quotient. 

The solid wood shoe rack can store up to 15 pairs of footwear, keeping them safe and free of dust. It is easy to assemble and easier to clean. All you need is a dry piece of clean cloth, and you are sorted. 

Shoe Rack With Seat Designs: Lyra Shoe Rack 

Finding a soulmate may be tough, but we have the perfect one for you! SleepinBox Lyra shoe rack for home lets you revamp your living room or balcony while also helping you arrange your prized footwear. 

The wooden shoe cabinet design allows you to store six pairs of footwear while letting you use the drawers for foot accessories and the bench-like top to store decorative pieces. The dark walnut colour gives the space you store this Shoe rack with seat design the oomph it needs. The shoe storage cabinet is easy to assemble and maintain. 


Different Types Of Shoe Rack Designs

Simple and Clean Design: Geta Shoe Rack Design

When you think of wooden storage ideas, consider not just the decor but also the functionality. If you like the look of industrial decor, this is a great shoe rack. The Geta shoe rack is made from solid Sheesham wood, making it not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional. 

It is a great design that is simple, subtle and complements the space like nothing else. Whatever corner you place this shoe rack in, people are sure to give it a jealous look. One of the additional benefits of this stunner is that it has a flat-top surface where you can place beautiful artefacts and style your space as you please. Whatsmore, it is pocket-friendly also. 

Spacious and Decluttered Design: Jazz Sheesham Wood Shoe Rack

Do you love shoes and have plenty of them with no space to store them. Our Jazz shoe rack is the ideal solution for you. These are an elegant shoe storing solution that not only helps to keep your space well-organized but also chic looking. 

This wooden shoe rack design with a contemporary look and an oblong design is an excellent fit for small spaces. It has horizontal and vertical patterns that are a fusion of modern-day decor and a bohemian vibe and easily blend with your existing decor. The shoe rack design provides ventilation and prevents the rack from a foul smell. 

Blend style and strength: Stephen Shoe Rack

Furniture in your home decor is not just about style but also strength and durability. The SleepinBox Stephen Shoe Rack is one such piece of furniture that is not only stylish but also strong. Made from the best quality Sheesham wood, this durable shoe rack compliments any decor while offering a great space for your shoes. 

The Stephen shoe rack has two-in-1 storage. It has shutter storage and drawer storage, so you can organise shoes the way you want. Additionally, this is an ideal shoe rack option with 3 levels of vertical storage for those where space is a constraint.

Frequently Asked Questions on Shoe Stand Designs

What kind of shoe rack is best?

The kind of shoe rack that is best depends on the number of shoes that you need to store and the style you prefer. There are a few types of shoe racks, namely those with closed compartments, fully open or a mix of both. Most people prefer to have a combination of open shelves and closed closets. That means you can hide the shoes you wear for comfort and display the jazzy ones.

Why should I buy a shoe rack?

The primary reason people prefer to have a shoe rack at the entryway is to ensure that the shoes do not pile up randomly at the doorway. Apart from that, the other reasons are that it helps you stay organised and find your footwear easily. Additionally, shoes are a costly investment, and exposing them to various weather conditions means they get spoiled. For all these reasons and more, a shoe rack is a must.

Which is the best wooden shoe rack to buy for a big family?

SleepinBox Blucher Sheesham Wood 5 Tier Shoe Rack is a great choice for a big family. It provides ample space to fit the shoes of all your family members. It is made from top quality Sheesham wood and comes with two types of storage options; drawer and shutter. So not only can you store more shoes, but it also makes the space look more beautiful with its stylish but subtle looks.

How do you keep shoes in a small space?

If you have a small space but want a nice place to keep shoes, choose the Lyra Shoe rack from SleepinBox. It comes with 1 drawer and 1 closed compartment and can comfortably store the shoes of a small family. It is made from engineered wood that is durable and long-lasting and is a stylish choice for storing your shoes.

What is the cost of a shoe rack?

The cost of the shoe rack depends on the size, material, and brand you choose to purchase it from. SleepinBox shoe racks start from as low as Rs 2,800 to Rs 20,600. Though there is a huge difference between the lowest and highest product, SleepinBox ensures that the product quality remains high and is durable and long-lasting.

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