Why Used Mattresses Are a Health Hazard

Why Used Mattresses Are a Health Hazard

Are you thinking of buying a used mattress as the old one is past its shelf life? Mattresses are a considerable investment, and people are often tempted to buy a used one to ease their wallets. However, these used mattresses are given away because they are worn out or have some issues. 

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Health Effects of Old And Used Mattresses

Even if you are buying a good quality mattress that is gently used, it may be unsanitary. Additionally, it lacks returns and warranty. Most importantly, it can lead to many side effects. Read below to learn more about the health hazards of a used mattress.

Aggravates aches and pains

  1. Back pain

As sleep experts, we say that you can expect it to wear out and sag as the mattress ages, especially in the middle. So when you sleep on a used mattress instead of buying a new one, you are sleeping on an uncomfortable surface. The sags and sinks on the surface make for an awkward bed. It is akin to sleeping in a trench and is an excellent recipe for back pain. Additionally, when you are sleeping on an uncomfortable surface, you toss and turn to find a comfortable spot resulting in aches. So a bad mattress can lead to back pain and body pain. 

If this back pain is not addressed immediately, it is harder to sleep at night and stay awake in the morning. That becomes a vicious cycle of morning sleepiness and night wakefulness. Fortunately, it can all be reversed by using the right mattress. Proper support and comfort from the mattress is the permanent solution. 

  1. Neck pain

When you buy a used mattress, it is like placing your head on a trunk!. A used mattress will have many unseen lumps and saggy parts, affecting the neck and the head. You might think that using a new pillow may solve the problem, but it cannot. That is because when the surface on which the pillow is placed is unstable, you can expect your neck to tip back or forward. 

  1. Increased joint pain

A used mattress can cause neck pain and spine pain. It can also cause joint pains too. There are not many options that you get to choose when buying a refurbished mattress. So you end up buying something that does not suit your body. When you sleep on a mattress, the entire body weight is on the surface, and it should provide adequate give. If the mattress is too soft or too firm, there is excess pressure on the joints. So you end up having pain in the hips, knees, shoulders, back, or neck. 

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